Join the Squad loyalty program and get member-only perks, discounts and benefits to help you simplify your business and scale faster!
Only $129/year
No contract. Cancel anytime.

Below is an overview of the discounts you'll receive as a member:

50% off everything in the Simple Business Shop*

50% off group coaching calls in the Simple Business School

75% off live bootcamp & workshop tickets

 50% off your bundle purchase that Steph and her team host (min 4/year)

20% off Sponsor payments for Simple Business bundle Contributors

First month free in 20 Hour Week Club**

...and other surprises that Steph will inevitably come up with to spoil the members

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Your business will receive (1) complimentary advertisement in Steph Blake's newsletter of 9K+ each year that you're an active member. 

Get more exposure for your business for a FRACTION of the price of paid ads to a high-converting email list that's growing daily.

Member-Only Deals Throughout The Year

We're going to surprise our Squad members with resources and offers that only THEY can access!

First Access to New Offers

Some of our programs will have limited spaces available so all Squad members will get first dibs on spaces!


*This discount may change during sale/promotional periods and may not be available for all products in the Shop. 

 **Available for new 20 Hour Week Club members only. We will not be refunding members who are currently active.

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Here's Everything That's Included...

Create Your Simple Marketing Plan Training (NEW)

Get the step-by-step training and system to help you create a SIMPLE marketing plan that's quick and easy for you to create and feels GOOD and aligned to your strengths!

Normally $97 Today's Price: $6.70

Create Your Simple Sales Process Training (NEW)

Get the step-by-step training to help you create a SIMPLE sales process for your business so you can make more cash without feeling sleazy!

Normally $47 Today's Price: $6.70

ADHD Productivity Planner (NEW)

If you have ADHD, it can be difficult to be productive because our brains just aren't wired that way. This 57-page guide and planner will help you become your most productive ADHD-self!

Normally $27 Today's Price: $6.70

Automating Your Online Business Training

Learn how to figure out what automations you need in your online business and the process to set them up. Worksheet, automation templates & bonus trainings included!

Normally $97 Today's Price: $6.70

Create Storytelling Content Training

Learn how to use stories from your own life to create content that converts! You'll get instant access to a step-by-step training, worksheet and prompts to help get your wheels turning!

Normally $67 Today's Price: $6.70

Content Command Center

Learn the strategy to create marketing content that converts to sales & get the system to organize your marketing content in a single command center.

Normally $77 Today's Price: $6.70

ClickUp for Business

Get the full system to set up and organize your business SIMPLY with the project management tool, ClickUp!

Normally $47 Today's Price: $6.70

Presale Bundle

This bundle will give you all of the necessary elements to presell any of your offers, save hours of time and make cash BEFORE you even create your offer!

Normally $111 Today's Price: $6.70

Productivity & Priorities Workbook

Feeling overwhelmed with everything on your to-do list? This workbook will help you figure out what to prioritize in just a few minutes!

Normally $27 Today's Price: $6.70

20 Hour Week Toolkit

Feeling overwhelmed with everything on your to-do list? This workbook will help you figure out what to prioritize in just a few minutes!

Normally $27 Today's Price: $6.70

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Frequently Asked Questions
  • How does this loyalty program work?
    As soon as you join, you'll get access to a member-only portal with the different available discounts and offers that are available. Inside the portal, you'll see a special link and/or coupon code to redeem your member discount.

    The portal will be updated on an ongoing basis and we’ll also send you emails with special deals and updates.
  • I'm a Simple Business School™ member. Is this included in my membership?
    No, it's not. The Squad is a loyalty program that gives you access to additional benefits and discounts from products that are created by Steph Blake and her company, The Blake Collective, LLC.

    The discounts & benefits from the Squad are NOT offered in the Simple Business School™ membership.
  • How is this different from the 20 Hour Week Club™ membership?
    The 20 Hour Week Club™ is focused on helping you set up the foundations to run your online business in 20 hours/week.

    The Squad is a loyalty program that rewards repeat customers by giving them additional discounts, benefits and more. See above for the full overview of benefits.

    Plus, when you join the Squad you'll get your first month in the 20 Hour Week Club™ for free!**
  • Why did you create this loyalty program?
    After looking at the data, we noticed that 90%+ of our buyers have made at least 2 purchases from us per year and 40% have made 3+ purchases

    I’ve also had countless people tell me” I’m buying anything that you create”...

    …so I want to reward this loyalty by giving member-only benefits & BIG discounts on future purchases.
  • Is the $129 fee monthly or annual?
    It's an annual fee of $129 for as long as you choose to remain a member.
  • Is there coaching/mentoring involved?
    No, there isn't. If you'd like coaching and/or support from Steph Blake. We encourage you to check out the 20 Hour Week Club™ for $7/m.

    This is a great way to "dip your toe in" and see what it's like to get coached by Steph.
  • What are some examples of benefits I'll receive as a Squad member?
    Our goal is for you to make your annual investment back within 2 purchases (at most).

    Here are a few examples -
    • Most products in the Simple Business Shop are $97 & we continue to add new ones all the time. With your discount, you'll get 50% off the majority of products.
    • You'll get 50% off all of our Simple Business bundles. This includes the bundle, order bumps on the checkout page and any optional VIP passes that we offer!
    • If you choose to apply to be a sponsor for any of our upcoming bundles, you'll save up to $500!
    • You'll receive member-only discounts throughout the year that won't be available to the public.
    • You'll get an inside glimpse at what’s happening behind-the-scenes of the company including bonus tips and strategies from CEO, Steph Blake - priceless
  • Can I cancel my future payments?
    Yes, you can. There is no contract so if you choose to leave the loyalty program you can cancel your future payments before your payment renews. Your account and member benefits will remain active until the end of your billing date.
  • Does the discount work for order bumps on the checkout pages?
    In most cases yes, the member discounts will be available for order bumps on the checkout page too. The discount will be automatically added to the checkout when you use your special coupon code and/or checkout link.

    If for some reason the discount isn't offered for a specific product/offer, we'll let you know.
  • Do you offer refunds?
    At this point we do NOT offer refunds for any reason so please make sure you want to join the loyalty program before signing up. If you're not sure, please send an email to and we'll help make sure it's the best option for you.